A guide to our various Aga cooker and Rayburn service options

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  We cover all of the following appliances  

Aga cookers, Rayburn, Nobel, Redfyre and oil boilers. If your appliance runs on natural gas, oil or electric, then we are fully qualified to install, repair and maintain it.


Oil fired

  • We cover most oil appliances
  • Oil Boilers
  • Tank Piers
  • Landlord Safety Checks

Natural Gas

  • We cover most natural gas appliances
  • Gas lines
  • Landlord safety checks
Reg No. 185485

Electric Aga cookers

  • We repair 30amp electric heat storage units
  • Aga cookers
  • Installation

Electrically Competent


Servicing charges: For the latest rates in each of our service options please phone 07720 183896


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